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HD Brazing®

High temperature vacuum brazing

HD Brazing® is a joining process developed by HAUCK HEAT TREATMENT EINDHOVEN. in the field of high temperature brazing. This is an advanced form of vacuum brazing and, as indicated by the name, it is performed at high temperatures (>800 °C) in a protected atmosphere (vacuum furnace).

Other brazing techniques are soft brazing (<450 ºC) and hard brazing (450-800ºC).The advantage of the process in terms of hard and/or soft brazing is that it creates stronger and higher grade joints without the use of any flux. As a result, no undesired surface reactions are generated and the components remain very clean and blank during the brazing procedure.Furthermore, after the brazing procedure, the parts can undergo nearly all hardening processes, e.g. carburizing, nitration, nitrocarburizing or vacuum hardening.It is even possible to perform the hardening and brazing in a single process.
High temperature vacuum brazing allows the creation of very high grade joints, capable of carrying heavy loads, that are often superior to welded joints.It is also possible to produce very complex geometries that are impossible to achieve using other joining methods.


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